Seesaw is a qualitative research agency that helps clients achieve and forward business and marketing objectives through market research and consumer insights. Established since 2006, Seesaw prides itself as a boutique agency that delivers real value for their clients with passionate engagement and commitment to their business goals.


Create a website experience that communicates Seesaw’s expertise in turning consumer research and analysis into real business value for clients across varied industries. It should express Seesaw’s philosophy and strength in innovating strategies for meaningful market engagement, and reinforce the essence and character of the brand in a fun, engaging way.


The birth of Seesaw’s new website came after a fruitful and intense collaboration with the client. The conceptual idea was to apply a classical design with witty, tongue-in-cheek undertones to clearly communicate Seesaw’s brand personality and business expertise in a simple, approachable manner. A vintage illustration style communicates the timeless value of Seesaw’s expertise as a strategic tool of industry, and short animated visuals relay the relevance of Seesaw’s offerings as well as their relentless and creative approach in this business of helping clients expand their business potential.


The website was well-received and particularly appreciated for its simplicity of messaging and somewhat cheeky visual appeal. Viewers appreciated that Seesaw’s experience and offerings were easily understood, and the content made it easy to relate to the business value that Seesaw brings.

Mark and Damian were enthusiastic from the start, taking the time and making the effort to understand our company ideals and objectives. They took this understanding to develop a strategy led design that reflects our purpose, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
Post design and setup, BOLD is also highly responsive when we needed help in minor updating in content. When there was a problem with one of our webpage, they were prompt to investigate and resolve the issue.
It has been a pleasure working with the BOLD team. We believe that companies would benefit from their creativity and commitment.
Rachael Tan,
Director, Seesaw Market & Consumer Insights Pte Ltd

Capabilities Involved

Web Design