ZWEEC Analytics is a Singapore-based technology company with cutting-edge innovations in computer vision and water security solutions. Helmed by experts in technology and business and with an expanding footprint in the region – the company’s vision is to take their technology global.


Overhaul the ZWEEC Analytics brand to position the company as a forward-looking global organization with a vision that will attract international customers, investors and talent.


Work with ZWEEC Analytics to understand their vision to craft a new brand story to be communicated both visually and in language. We started with a series of interviews to deep-dive into the company’s history, goals, solutions and culture and then carefully crafted it into an authentic brand story that re-focused the messaging away from a pure technology provider to be a leader in bringing world-changing visions to reality.


The new ZWEEC story was no longer about hard technology, but aligned to the company’s mission to provide real solutions to make the world of tomorrow a better place.


ZWEEC’s new branding was launched and used in all business communications as well as regional and international trade events and meetings. Later that same year, the company was awarded top honors at the Emerging Enterprise Awards. The company continues to expand with strong new inroads into China.

Capabilities Involved

Brand Consultation
Corporate ID Design
Web Design
Video Production